Young Consumers and their Contest

Do we think about what quality of food do we eat? Who cares about food safety and food quality? What influences our health? Do dietary habits and our lifestyle significant impact on our planet?
Young people from the two European countries were contemplating over and above many other issues in the field of nutrition and food safety. In the region where the flying monk Cyprian lives, met again pupils, teachers and experts from the consumer area from the Slovak Republic, Czech Republic to evaluate the contest called Consumption for Life. The contest is organized by the Association of Consumer Organizations in Slovakia with the support of the Ministry of Education in the Slovak Republic for pupils of primary and secondary schools for twenty years as national and eighteen years as international consumer contest. The aim of the contest was to motivate pupils to make aware choices about their own nutrition and their task were to create a consumer magazine, critically evaluate information from the media and analyse financial costs of nutrition.
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The main objective of the contest was to support critical behaviour of young consumers, and develop their media and financial literacy. As stated by the organizers of the competition: “To create of individual articles in the journals becomes for pupils a creativity work with data processing, discovering the links between the school curriculum and the daily life associated with nutrition and by the costs of its procurement“.
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50 magazines from the Slovak Republic, and 54 from the Czech Republic entered in the twenty-first year of the competition. 36 authors of the best magazines together with their teachers took a part in a festive appraisal in Červený Kláštor on June 1, 2018. They participated in a workshop focused on educational portal Consumer Classroom and discussed the topic of the next year of the competition. On the second day, the winning teams presented their magazines and talked about their articles, and experiences from the processing of the magazines.
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On the festive evaluation took a part deputies of the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic, Methodological and Pedagogical Centre, regional government and representatives of the Slovak and Czech citizens associations for consumer protection.
In Stara Lubovna 18/07/2018
Mgr. Andrea Stasenkova